The Basics of Web Page Construction

Note: For most of these there are movie versions, quicktime movies which show you how to accomplish each step. To view the movies, you will need Quicktime (a free download that works on Macs and PCs)

Open netscape   Type title    Change colors    Add email address Create subheadings Horizontal Bars Internal targets  
Internal navigation
  Add graphics  Other links  Upload your webpage      Edit your webpage

1.  To start   Movie version

2.  Adding a title : Movie version

3.  Choosing colors Movie version

4.  Add your email address Movie version

5.  Create two to six subheadings or category titles (the following are possible examples): Movie version
    Remember you can highlight these and use the FORMAT to change the font, size, style (underlined, bold etc.) and text color. 

for COM 310, Unit One:

for COM 410:

for COM 582:

Now, go back to Step 4 and add in your email link.  Always type text after any potential link, before you actually put in the link (otherwise, netscape assumes everything you type after the link is part of the link).  

6.  Put a horizontal bar between each category Movie version

7.  Place an anchor in front of each category title Movie version

8.  Create an internal navigation bar (to navigate within the page) at the top of the page Movie version

9.  Add a graphic   Movie version   



10. Inserting other links Movie version

11. Upload your page and images into your webspace  

Or A Web-based interface is available that provides a secure means of editing or copying files into your Web space. Movie Version

Go to: You will be asked for your network (i.e., student-access lab) username and password. This is the one method of updating your Web directory (FTP is also available).
Accessing your Web folder from myIPFW
• The myIPFW main window displays the Information Technology Services Web page for students.
• Click the 'My Files' button to access your files.
• When you Click the <My Files> button, you may see a folder called "All folders", when you click this you should see a folder name 'Home'.
• This is the same as your Personal drive space.
• Click the word 'Home' to open your personal space.
• Click the Web folder to open it. (If you find you do NOT have a "web" folder - click on "Create folder", name the folder "web" and then proceed to open it.)
• You will see any files you have stored in your Web folder.
• For more information see Student Web space How Tos.
• From this page you can upload files you created elsewhere or download files already in the folder.
• Be sure to Sign Out before shutting down the browser.


12. To edit your pages  Movie version