Data Analysis Sources

Now that you have all of the data, you must analyze it in a way that answers your question and/or tests your hypotheses. Pay attention to the assumptions for statistical tests - a computer program will run whatever you tell it to whether the data is appropriate or not. Thus, the old adage, garbage in - garbage out! If you are using a method/statistic for the first time, reach out to others on your campus who have experience with that method. Asking experts specific questions, almost always elicits helpful answers!

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis

Explanation of collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data from University of Kansas

University of the West of England research overview including qualitative and quantitative data analysis

Qualitative Analysis

Ethnographic Action Research site talks about coding qualitative data


data analysis

Statistical Analysis  

Adding statistical analysis to your excel package with directions for running some basic stats in Excel

SISA allows you to do statistical analysis directly on the Internet.

Treasury Board of Canada - brief explanation of descriptive and inferential statistics

Quick overview of descriptive statistics with online calculator from the physics department at Saint John's University 

Center for Applied Linguistics chapter on data analysis and presentation: spreadsheets, categorical and nominal data

Graphpad: online statistical calculator for many stats tests 

HyperStat: Online statistical textbook

Presenting your data

Six free web-based tools for analysis and presentation of results by gigaom