Focus Groups

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Focus Groups

Interviewing is a common qualitative research strategy. Group interviewing or focus groups is also a viable option. “With focus group interviews, the researcher is able to collect data from multiple participants and also to observe and record the interactions and group dynamics that unfold” (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2006).
Key points to consider:

During a focus group interview, Davies (2007) explains how it is necessary to begin the interview with an explanation of the task at hand complete with timeframe, guiding topics, and rules to follow. “Two useful ideas are to ask  people to be courteous to each other and to indicate that there is an expectation that all those present will be free to contribute equally” (Davies, 2007). Although you must begin with a set of preliminary questions, a focus group interview needs some flexibility to allow for group conversation. As the interviewer, you will interact as little as possible but interject questions that allow the group members to respond to each other (Lodico, Spaulding, & Voegtle, 2006).


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