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Reporting Observations


1) type up a draft of your "report" before the second meeting with your client

2) use that draft to guide your comments at the meeting, making changes as necessary to reflect decisions, interpretations etc. gained from the meeting

3) type up a "report" to give to your client, keep a copy for yourself. This should go to NO ONE else.


Format of the Report:

Although the format of the report is up to you and should be adapted to the needs of the particular client, some suggestions include:

1) Use Nancy Chism's* eight areas (pp. 86-94):


2) Organize around the areas your client requested you pay attention to, make suggesetions within, etc. and then add any other areas you discussed;

3) Organize around type of review: i.e., syllabi comments, classroom observation comments, materials.


*Chism, Nancy Van Note. (1999) Peer Review of Teaching: A Sourcebook. Anker Pub Co