Instructor: Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

Office hours: TR 2:00 - 4:00

and happily by appt.

Office: NF 230B

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COM 597 The Dark Side of

Relational Communication

Fall, 2013



















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Presentation Panels

December 10

Families/Couples: Anxious, violent, and missing

December 12

Singled out: Stigmatization, privacy. and social media

Emily: Families coping with deployment Kendra: Stereotypes and Singlehood
Lea: Coping with suicide threats Mary: Bullying people with disabiltiies
Mackenzie: Generalized anxiety disorder and romantic relationships Chris: Protecting your information in a social media world
Adam: Common Couple Violence Sasha: Dexter - justification of dark behavior
Ashley: Family violence and the apocalypse Katy: Twitter subtweets aren't treats

Moderator: Sasha

Respondent: Katy

Moderator: Ashley

Respondent: Mackenzie


Moderator: Introduce the panelist and title of his/her paper, use time cards to be sure everyone is under the 12 minute limit.

Respondent: Facilitate the forum part of the panel (calling on audience members, being sure it does not last longer than 15 minutes); be sure each panelist has the opportunity to respond to a question (if the audience does not ask the panelist a question, you should)