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COM 597 The Dark Side of

Relational Communication

Fall, 2013



















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Questions to Guide your Reading of Chapter 3 The Dark Side of Dyadic Family Life

1. Explain Gottman's four horseman of the apocalypse. Do you see any present in the Moore family?

2. How do you think the chilling effect might affect a couple over time? Is it likely to occur in friendships? Parent-child relationships?

3. Which type of conflict are you most comfortable with? Do you think it works in your relationships?

4. Why is the demand/withdraw pattern so potentially destructive to relationships? How can couples break that pattern? How can one partner break the pattern?

5. Be prepared to explain Millar and Rogers (1976) relational coding scheme (p. 63). - video clip

6. Fitzpatricks typology of marital couple types has been used extensively in research. Which type do you think would be most satisfied with their marriage?

7. How could you tell the difference between the four types of domestic violence explained here?

8. These types of parenting have also been studied extensively? Which one is best? Always?? Why??

9. Consider discussion questions 1. and 2., p. 79