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COM 597 The Dark Side of

Relational Communication

Fall, 2013



















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Questions to Guide your Reading of Chapter 2 Individual Influence on the Darkness of Family Communication


1. Can any of the big five personality traits be changed?

2. What kinds of interactions in families are likely to lead to foreclosure identity in a child?

3. How can you manage someone who is a conversational narcissist?

4. What seems to be a common mistake that functioning partners of afflicted partners (drug, alcohol abuse) make?

5. Which of the social-personal dispositions they discuss are about feeling out of control?

6. React to the statement in relationship to attachment styles that "expectations are formed mostly by age five and persist relatively unchanged throughout one's lifetime." (p. 43). Why might this be the case? Can people change?

7. What are the four factors identified as being characteristic of "good" communicators?

8. Discussion question 2. (p. 54)

9. Practical consideration 3. (p. 55)