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COM 597 The Dark Side of

Relational Communication

Fall, 2013



















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Questions to guide your reading of Chapter 1 Disentangling the Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication


1. Create a diagram of the "dark side" with two dimensions and behaviors in each quadrant - see Figure 11, page 6.

2. Explain the phrase "when appropriately interrogated, the process or phenomenon in question will manifest functional ambivalence or paradox." (p. 7).

3. From Table 1.1. (pp. 9-13), choose one estimate of incidence that surprised you, confirmed what you already knew, or you are pretty sure is wrong.

4. From a dark side perspective, comment on the statement, "If we could just communicate more, or better, we could be so much better off." p. 14.

5. Discuss the five assumptions of the dark side, pp. 18-19..