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COM 597 The Dark Side of

Relational Communication

Fall, 2013



















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As your read Chapter 11 Women's Relationships with Incarcerated Men

1. What problems, if any, do you see in this study?

2. Comment on the notion that "some of the measures in our model, such as children, do not fit neatly into any one social exchance concept." (p. 289). Are there other measures that might not fit "neatly" into a reward, cost, or investment?

3. What influence does living "as a female in a culture that constantly poses the question, 'What is a woman without a man?'" have on these women's commitment to incarcarated men? Does it have a similar influence on other women? Do men feel this type of influence as well?

4. How do you think the findings in this study could be used to aid in reducing criminal recidivism?