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COM 523 Communication in Personal Relationships












Dark Side of Relationships

Making Connections: 20 The what, when, who, and why of nagging in interpersonal relationships, 21 Communicating forgiveness, 23 Difficult conversations, 24 I can't talk about it now, 28 Lying, 31 Why marriages fail; Computer Mediated Communication in Relationships: 17 Digital deception in personal relationships

1. How is nagging a positive relational behavior?  How do we use technology (CMC) to nag differently than face to face?  Is that use good or bad for relationships?

2. Reach consensus about two “rules” for what you feel is “acceptable” lying in your own romantic relationships. Given what you read in chapter 28 and chapter 17 of CMC, is it better to not have a truth bias in a relationship so you don’t get “fooled” as often?

3. Assuming a 5:1 ratio of positive to negative interactions, talk about one advantage and one disadvantage to being in a volatile, validating, and avoiding relationship. Given that conflict is often a difficult conversation, what advice would you give to a friend about which conflict approach to generally use (loyalty, voice, neglect, or exit) and why and what other suggestions do you have for him/her?