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COM 523 Communication in Personal Relationships













Weeks Seven - Ten: The Mating Game

For these four weeks, we will be applying what we learn in The Mating Game to the characters in "He's Just not that into You"

This movie is available via (rent for 2.99), iTunes (2.99), Google play (2.99) etc.

As you read the chapters (4-5 per week), consider and post in your group's wiki:

During the fourth week, you should, as a group, synthesize what you have learned about one or two couples (this should be a substantial analysis) and determine which concepts you found to be the most useful and why. This will be posted on the class discussion forum by October 26th..


Post substantively: add substantial analysis - if someone else has added your idea then add examples, explanation, citations, every week, multiple times a week.
If you feel you cannot simply edit someone's specific idea because you disagree with it or a direction the wiki is taking, then use the comment function to sort that out before moving on.