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COM 523 Communication in Personal Relationships












General information about relational communication

MC: 8 Elements of nonverbal communication;

CMCR: 1 Functional approach to social networking, 2 Unpacking the paradoxes of privacy, 3 New twist on love's labor

1. In a social networking site, what do we use to compensate for the lack of "normal" nonverbals? Includes some examples via URLs, screen shots etc. that we use to communicate emotion or to create a social identity with the lack of paralanguage, gestures, facial expression etc.

2. Talk to someone or use your own experience with social networking or dating sites. Specifically, how do you (they) manage communication privacy? How does this fit within Communication Privacy Management theory?

3. How honest are you (or people you know) online compared to offline? Are you (they) more likelty to stretch the truth online (i.e., Facebook, online classes ;) or offline? Why might that be?