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COM 523 Communication in Personal Relationships












Making Connections: Readings 1-4

After reading do this very informal group mini-project :)

Individually, choose a personal (family, friend, romantic partner) relationship or talk with someone about one of his/her personal relationships. Talk/think about the relationship in terms of how you/they think about the relationship, how it has developed, how it is expected to develop/continue, what problems there might be within the relationship, etc. Then, answer the following questions in the forum for your group by Wednesday at noon:

1. Did metaphors, narratives, and/or idioms seem relevant to this relationship? If so, in what way (provide a couple examples if you can)?

2. Which theory do you feel has more explanatory power and/or offers more insights into understanding this relationship: URT, SPT, SET, or RDT? Why?

As a group, decide and then post to the class forum by Friday at 5:00 pm:

1. Which concepts were most prevalent (showed up most often): metaphor, narrative or idiom? Why might that be the case?

2. Which theory seems to be the most popular from this small sample? Why do you think that is the case?

Create a name for you group and email it me please by Saturday.