COM 597 Research in Family Communication

Spring, 2012










Questions to Guide your Reading of Values and Divorce


HFC 9: Communication in Divorced or Single Parent Families

by Julia M. Lewis, Linda Johnson-Reitz, and Judith S. Wallerstein

**Your friend, Nate, is getting divorced. He has two children. What can you tell Nate about the best way to help the children weather the divorce and postdivorce period?

AF 27. A War Against Boys?
Michael Kimmel

1. What is meant by "pathologizing what is simply normal" on p. 387
2. What parts are we encouraged not to see? (p. 388) Why?
3. What is the Boy Code (p.390)? Is there a Girl Code?
4. What is the root of this supposed "War Against Boys"? Who is disadvantaged?
5. What needs to be done to address the real problem?


AF 28. Diversity among same-sex couples and their children
Gary Gates

1. The last section of this chapter is entitled "Why does this matter?" - given that "this" refers to the statistics about same sex couples raising children (numbers as well as geographic location, economic situation and legal challenges), how would you answer that question?