Intercoder Reliability:

What is pi for each of the following? How confident would you be in drawing conclusions based on this data?

Exercise 1: Nonverbal fun fonts and emotive indicators

  Coder A Coder B
VAC N, O, O, O, C

N, O, O, O, C

Color S, S, L, S, S L, S, L, S, L
Medium O, O, O, O, O S, S, O, S, O
Tone EL, EL, EL, E, E E, EL, EL, EL, E
IP N, O, O, O, O N, O, N, O, N

Exercise 2: Is the message coded one-up = 3; one-acrossacross = 2, or one-down = 1?

  Coder A Coder B

Message 1

1 1
Message 2 1 2
Message 3 1 2
Message 4 3 2
Message 5 3 3

Hint: To run intercoder reliabilities by hand ategories become one-up, one-across, and one-down. To set up cvs sheet - just list Coder A in first column and Coder B in second

To read more about relational control theory try this article, pages 2-6.






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