Qualitative Data Analysis Chapter 13

(feel free to skip the sections on historical and rhetorical analysis)

Concepts/methods to consider:

In Blackboard, you should have access to COM 523. Click on "Announcements." There are 21 announcements in this class. Before you read them, determine a way to randomly choose five. Using grounded theory and constant comparative technique (but only two passes), analyze those five announcements to answer the question: "What types of immediacy behaviors can be seen in these announcements?" Immediacy behaviors are defined as: verbal and nonverbal communicative actions that send positive messages of liking and closeness, decrease psychological distance between people (McCroskey & Richmond, 1992)." (p. 37, as cited in Dixson, 2016).


Dixson, M.D. Greenwell, M.G., Weister, T., Rogers-Stacy, C. & Lauer, S. (2016). Nonverbal immediacy behaviors and online student engagement:

Bringing past research into the present virtual classroom. Communication Education, 66(1), 37-53. doi: 10.1080/03634523.2106.1209222


COM 582 Descriptive and Experimental Research in Communication


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