Theories, Literature Reviews, H/RQ and Paper Structure


1. How do you evaluate the utility of a theory?

Your book misses one criteria many researchers expect: heuristic value and openness.

Consider this three minute introduction to EVT.

How well does it meet the six criteria: predictive power/appropriateness, falsifiable/testable/valid, scope, parsimonious, heuristic value, and openness?

Literature Review

2. What should you gain from doing a literature review?

    More information on writing persuasive literature reviews

3. What should your reader gain from reading your literature review?

Hypothesis or Research Question?

4. When do you choose to use a H? a RQ?

Writing a research question (RQ) and hypothesis (H)

More information on writing a sound H

Paper Structure

5. What are the parts of the paper?

6. Why do we use APA formatting?

7. What's the difference between the information in the Results section and the Discussion section of the paper?




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