COM 520 Small Group Communication

Fall, 2014


Instructor: Dr. Marcia D. Dixson
Office hours: T 11:00 - 1:00; R 4:15 - 5:45 pm and by appointment
Office: NF 230B
Phone: 481-6558 Email:


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Group Assignments: Fall, 2014


Power Puff Girls

Symbolic Convergence



Thumbs Up

Leadership as

Counteractive Influence


Roula Althubaiti Dillon Zulkowski
Crystal Hively Margaret Logan
Jeanna Hathaway Esther Myahla
Ashley Motia Sonya Snellenberger
Amanda Seilheimer  





Kommanding Kommunicators:

Project #1

Project #2

Theory Paper

Sex Differences in Leadership


Mark Tomlinson Christie Bowen
Lindsay Winslow-Brown Rajfa Hasankovic
Erica Widmer Isaiah McCray
Peter Gachunga Bryan Saunders
Makinsey Williams Tyler Sorg