COM 520 Small Group Communication

Fall, 2014


Instructor: Dr. Marcia D. Dixson
Office hours: T 11:00 - 1:00; R 4:15 - 5:45 pm and by appointment
Office: NF 230B
Phone: 481-6558 Email:


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Part VI Leadership in Groups


Here's your opportunity to be a leader!

For whichever section/theory/model you are assigned, be prepared to lead the discussion on that information. We will roll a dice to determine which person listed will actually lead the discussion (so, be prepared to take the lead :). At the end of your discussion, we should be able to 1) list the primary components/ideas of the approach; and 2) evaluate it according to its utility and conceptual reasonableness (does it seem to fit with our experiences of leadership and is it useful?). You may be as directive or nondirective as you like (and as we allow you to be). You will have about 15 minutes for your part of the discussion on December 4.

Situational perspective (pp. 175-176): Esther, Tyler, Lindsay

Leadership as counteractive influence (177-182): Ashley, Sonya, Makinsey

Leadership as Organizing (Sense-Making Skills) (pp. 203-206): Bryan, Mark, Dillon

Leadership as Organizing (Decision-Making Skills) (pp. 206-208): Amanda, Erica

Distributed Leadership article: Roula, Crystal, Jeanna

Shared Leadership article: Peter, Margaret

Dialectical Tensions article: Christie, Rajfa, Isaiah