Presentations on

November 27

Presentations on

December 4

Family and development

Moderator: Katrina Respondent: Julie

Jillian Dahm
Andrea Ogubi
Mackenzie Greenwell
Jeremy Bertsch
Ryan Sims

Workplace, Classes and Teams

Moderator: Jillian Respondent: Mackenzie

Kendra Rohrbach
Krystle Coats
Julie Dominguez
Sarah Wehrkamp

Close Relationships and CMC

Moderator: Christie Respondent: Sarah W.

Aimee Durham
Darryl Shank
MaryLou Brink
David Hughes


Moderator: Darryl Respondent: MaryLou

Katrina Isch
Diana Honeck
Sarah Hughes
Christie Stacy


Moderator: Introduce the panelist and title of his/her paper, use time cards to be sure everyone is under the 7 minute limit.

Respondent: Facilitate the forum part of the panel (calling on audience members, being sure it does not last longer than 15 minutes); be sure each panelist has the opportunity to respond to a question (if the audience does not ask the panelist a question, you should)






COM 512 Theories of Interpersonal Communication

Fall, 2012


"See, here we can learn about interpersonal communication!"

Dr. Marcia Dixson

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