Chapter 6: Coordinated Management of Meaning

1. Be prepared to explain the four tenets of the theory (pp. 70-72).

2. Consider an example of a story that could be told and analyzed from the perspective of episode, relationship, identity, and culture.

Pearce, W. B. (2006). Doing Research from the perspective of the coordinated management of meaning

Given the following scenario, which of the CMM models might you use in researching this situation? Why?

Sara and William Brown lived in an older neighborhood in downtown Detroit, Michigan. William worked on the assembly line in a steering gear plant that recently began rehiring employees after a series of layoffs. Sara stayed at home, caring for their four children; two-year-old Teddy, four-year-old Robby, and the twins, Laura and Melissa, both ten. Sara's parents, Rob and Darlene, recently moved back to Detroit after living for eleven years in Arizona. Sara's parents enjoy dropping in to visit their grandchildren and bringing little gifts for the children. This bothers Sara and William but when they bring it up the typical conversation goes like this:

William: Rob, it's great that you stopped by, again [emphasis, pause]. . . but you really don't need to bring presents every time you come.

Rob: [friendly] Oh, we really don't mind, we know you are worried about work and this is a way we can help out now that we are back in Detroit!!

William: [patiently] I appreciate that, but I'm a little worried about the kids getting spoiled. I can provide for them, you don't need to do so.

Rob: [friendly but forcefull] Nonsense!! We love it - gives us something to do besides sit at home and watch the days go by . . . we won't be around forever, you know, so we want to enjoy our grandkids while we can.

At this point, William gives up.




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