Social Exchange Theory

1. Explain the difference between equity theory, outcome-interdependence thory and investment model, and interpersonal model of sexual satisfacton.

2. How well do you feel these models/theories explain interpersonal relationships? sexual satisfaction and decisions within relationships?

Duck's Dissolution Model

1.What do Hollie and Duck see as the problems with traditional dissolution models? Do you agree with their assessment?

2. What are the phases of dissolution that Duck discusses? Do they seem valid to you (i.e., do they reflect your experiences)? Why or why not?

3. How does this model address the problems with traditional models?

4. Communication scholars might like Duck's model because of its emphasis on communication at each phase. Is this emphasis really important to understanding how people cope with/experience relational dissolution?

Synthesis question:

Does social exchange theory contradict, complement or having nothing relevant to say in relation to Duck's Dissolution Model?



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