512 Theory Groups

Work Well - Expectancy Violation SAK - Genderlect
Mackenzie Greenwell Sarah Hughes
Sarah Wehrkamp Andrea Ogubi
  Kendra Rohrbach


Getting to Know You - Social Penetration Theory and Wood/Inman article We're Not Sure . . . - Uncertainty Reduction
MaryLou Brink Julie Dominguez
Diana Honeick Aimee Durham
Katrina Isch Christie Stacy


Team 3-5 - Communication Privacy Management Love Doctors - Theories of Love
Krystle Coats Jeremy Bertsch
David Hughes Jillian Dahm
Darryl Shank Ryan Sims





COM 512 Theories of Interpersonal Communication

Fall, 2012


"See, here we can learn about interpersonal communication!"

Dr. Marcia Dixson

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