Relational Dialectics

For this theory, I would like for you to accomplish two things:

1) understand the theory;

2) understand the theory's implications for other theories.

To that end, please read Chapter 12 and "A tale of two voices: Relational dialectics theory" (in blackboard) and be prepared to answer the following:

Understanding the theory:

1. What is a dialectic?

2. What is the difference between an internal and an external dialiectic?

3. What are the "big 3" dialectics?

Understanding the theory in conjunction with other theories

4. This theory has implications for many other theories: systems theory, uncertainty reduction theory, social penetration theory, constructivism, coordinated management of meaning and stage models of relationship development. In some cases it supports other theories; in some cases, it contradicts other theories (how appropriate :). Choose one of these other theories or models and talk about the implications of relational dialectics for that theory, i.e., if we believe that relational dialectics provides an accurate understanding of how relationships work, where does that leave the other theory?



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Fall, 2012


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