COM 508

Nonverbal Communication
Fall, 2017




Nonverbal Immediacy and Credibility
Nonverbals and Technology
Regina Gordon JW Kieckhefer
Anthony Machette Christa Jennings
Tao Jin Aaron Johnson
Nicolette Michael  
Olivia Schumacher  

Chair: Christa Jennings

Moderator: Aaron Johnson

Chair: Tao Jin

Moderator: Anthony Machette


Chair: Responsible for introducing each panelist and his/her paper title and keeping time for each panelist (10-12 minutes) and the forum (15 minutes)

Moderator: Facilitate the forum part of the panel (calling on audience members, being sure it does not last longer than 15 minutes); be sure each panelist has the opportunity to respond to a question (if the audience does not ask the panelist a question, you should)



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