COM 508

Nonverbal Communication
Fall, 2017


Questions to Guide Your Reading of Nonverbals and Relationships



Reading 9 The Smell of Love by F. Bryant Furlow

1. After reading this article, do you believe in aromatherapy? Why or why not?

2. How important is the role of smell in mate choice? How are we "fooling" mother nature?

Reading 24 Tie-Signs in Public Setting: Relationship and Sex Differences by Walid A. Afifi & Michelle L. Johnson

What are two findings from this study? How useful are these findings?

Reading 25 Public touch behavior in romantic relationships between men and women
by Laura K. Guerrero and Peter A. Andersen

This article has several "findings." Choose one. What is their explanation for this finding? Are there plausible alternative explanations?

Reading 41 Does Sexual Orientation Have an Impact on Nonverbal Behavior in Interpersonal Communication? by Tobias Knofler & Margarete Imhof

What did they "do" in this study? What did they find? What conclusions can we draw from their results?

Reading 27 Relational Violence: The Darkest Side of Haptic Communication by Bree McEwan & Shannong L. Johnson

A friend of yours experienced a violent episode within a marital relationship. What would you advise your friend to do? What factors would you take into account in giving that advice?

Reading 40 Nonverbal Behaviors that Contribute to Healthy or Destructive Family Functioning by Jennifer A. Kam

Why/how is nonverbal communication important to family functioning?

Nonverbal Decoding Skills and Relationship Well-being in Adults by Carton, Kessler, and Pape (in Blackboard)

Please feel free to skip the results section :)


1. Why do the authors think that decoding skills will be related to relationship well-being?

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2.What claims/hypotheses do they put forward? What did they do to test their hypotheses?


3. What were their results?

4. What do we think about this? Was their argument sound? Was the method appropriate? Do you "buy" their conclusions?

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