COM 508

Nonverbal Communication
Fall, 2017


Questions to Guide your Reading of Nonverbals on the Job

Reading 7 Women's Appearance and Clothing within Organizations by Susan B. Kaiser

A female friend has just landed a job as vice-president of a local, large corporation. Knowing your background in communication, she asks your advice on what clothes to wear on the job. What do you tell her? What questions might you ask her before giving her advice?

Reading 10 The Effects of Perfume Use on Perceptions of Attractiveness and Competence by R. Kelly Aune & Krystyna S. Aune

1. How does this study depend on EVT?

2. What were the results of the study?

3. To be perceived as attractive and competent, how much perfume should women use? men?

Reading 16 Nonverbal Behavior and the Outcome of Selection Interviews by Ray J. Forbes & Paul R. Jackson

What did they find here? What are the possible problems with their explanation?

Synthesis Question: Given the first three readings, what should you do to increase your chances of a successful interview?

Reading 26 The Midas touch: The effects of interpersonal touch on restaurant tipping by April H. Crusco and Christopher G. Wetzel

What are the sex differences in touch from the literature review? What did they find? What advice would you give servers?

Article: Nonverbal Immediacy and Patient Satisfaction (in Blackboard)

What did they do? What did they find? Why does it matter?

Reading 30 The Experience of Time at Work by Dawna I. Ballard

Do you see any application of these findings to work you have done or presently do?

Reading 49 Positions of Power: Status and Dominance in Organizational Communication by Peter S. Andersen

Choose someone in a "superior" position. What nonverbal illustrates this position? Do any of these hinder the person's ability to communicate with subordinates?

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