COM 508

Nonverbal Communication
Fall, 2017


Questions to Guide Your Reading about Kinesics and Compliance


Reading 11: Hand Movements by Paul Ekman & Wallace V. Friesen

Why do we need to understand the difference between emblems, illustrators, and adaptors? How does that help us better understand nonverbal communication?

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Reading 13: Eye Contact: The Core of Interpersonal Relatedness by Gerald W. Grumet

What do you feel are three important functions of eye contact/gaze, etc.?

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Reading 14: Civil Inattention Exists - in Elevators by Miron Zuckerman, Marianne Miserandino, and Frank Bernieri

What is civil inattention? What did Zuckerman et .al. find out about it?

Reading 23: The Unbearable Likeness of Being Digital: The Persistence of Nonverbal Social Norms in Online Virtual Environments by Nick Yee, Jeremy N. Bailenson, Mark Urbanek, Francis Chang & Dan Merget

What did they find in this study? What does this mean?

Reading 50 The Influence of Nonverbal Behaviors in Compliance-Gaining Processes by Chris Segrin

Create two situations, one where you wish to persuade someone of equal status; another where you wish to persuade someone of higher status than you. How should you behave in each situation to maximize compliance gaining?

Nonverbal Communication, Compliance and the Law:

What does this article, Gaining compliance through nonverbal communication, say lawyers can do nonverbally to help their case?


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