COM 508

Nonverbal Communication
Fall, 2017


Questions to guide your reading and thought about Readings One, Two and Three and Nonverbal Immediacy Behaviors and Online Student Engagement

Reading One: Perspectives on Defining and Understanding Nonverbal Communication

by Laura K. Guerrero, Michael. L. Hecht & Joseph A. DeVito

1. What is nonverbal communication?

2. What is the difference between behavior and nonverbal communication?

3. List and briefly explain the codes.

4. What are the five main functions of nonverbal communication?

5. What are immediacy cues?

6. Consider some examples of behavior that would fit into each of the cells in the table on page 7.

Reading Two: Perspectives on Nonverbal Communication Skills

by Brian H. Spitzberg

1. Given your "Conversational Skills Rating," what areas might you work on? Any surprises?

2. What are the four dimensions of competent behavior? Do you think anything should be added or deleted to these dimensions? Why or why not?

Reading Three: Perspectives on Nonverbal Research Methods

by Michael L. Hecht and Laura K. Guerrero

1. What is the difference between a RQ and an H?

2. How do you know if a research topic is important?

3. Explain the difference between hypothesis testing and a grounded approach to research.

4. In groups: You are interested in exploring differences in nonverbal flirtation behaviors that occur with varying levels of alcohol consumption. Write a RQ or H and then design a study using ___________________ (each group will be assigned an approach).

Nonverbal immediacy behaviors and online student engagement by Marcia Dixson, Mackenzie Greenwell, Tyson Weister, Christie Rogers-Stacy and Sara Lauer

1. According to this article, what can you do to make your webpage for this class more engaging and immediate?

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