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COM 502 Methods of Teaching Communication
Fall, 10

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson









Self-reflective Essays of Teaching Performance

Due October 16

This paper should illustrate your ability to think critically about your own teaching. Watch the videotape of your teaching performance. Write about your strengths and weaknesses. Also, be specific about what you can do to improve your teaching performance. Listed below are some areas to consider when writing this paper. It is not appopriate for you to try to cover all of these. Use what is relevant to your teaching, in this specific situation. This is no more than two pages, double spaced, 12 point font, 1 inch margins paper.

Student Learning

  1. Were students engaged with the content you taught?
  2. Did students understand the content?
  3. Did students provide you with feedback/questions?
  4. Did you develop rapport with your students?
  5. Was the content relevant to your students?
  6. Were students motivated to engage in learning?
  7. Are students clear about what (if anything) happens next?

Your performance:

  1. Were you organized?
  2. Were you enthusiastic?
  3. Were you knowledgeable?
  4. Were you clear?
  5. Were directions clear and complete?
  6. Did you invite and/or encourage feedback from students?
  7. Did you use reinforcement appropriately?
  8. Were your nonverbal cues appropriate?
  9. Did you use humor appropriately?
  10. Any distracting verbal/nonverbal behaviors?
  11. Did you control the class without stifling communication and/or learning?
  12. Did you use silence appropriately?
  13. Did you exhibit any student biases?
  14. Did you clearly begin and end the lesson?
  15. Did you choose an appropriate amount of information to cover?