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COM 502 Methods of Teaching Communication
Fall, 10

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson









Tips from COM 502 Communication in the Classroom on three Teaching Methods:

Lecture, Cooperative Learning, Class Discussion,

Inquiry Based Learning, Problem Based Learning


Use lecture:

To use lecture effectively:

Ferris State on Lecturing

University of Oregon

Other resources

Cooperative Learning (using small groups)

Use cooperative learning when you face:

To use cooperative learning well, you should:

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Whole class discussion

You should consider using whole class discussion:

To use class discussion effectively you should:

Virginia Tech's perspective

Berkeley's Suggestions

University of Oregon

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Inquiry Based Learning

Consider using Inquiry Based Learning when:

To use Inquiry Based learning Effectively:

Sources and Resources

Thirteen edonline explanation of inquiry learning

Teachnology's tips and explanations

Comparing project, problem and inquiry-based learning

Problem Based Learning

Consider using PBL when:


To use problem based learning effectively:

Sources and Resources:

Overview of PBL from Southern Illinois University

McMaster University and pbl

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy