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COM 502 Methods of Teaching Communication
Fall, 10

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson









Lesson Plan Assignment

Due: (Due October 1 for Peer Review; Final: December 13)

Lessons plans are 45 minutes in length

Please bring your own blank VHS tape

Turn tape in with your self-reflective essay on December 13 with portfolio

1. Choose one class from your unit plan to create a lesson plan for.
2. Choose the subject that you will be discussing for the day (shortened class period).
3. Refer to the Educator's Reference Desk Lesson Plan as a guide.
4. All content, objectives and procedures on the Honolulu Daily Lesson Plan B should be included.

Writing Effective Learning Objectives

Explanation of Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives for Lesson Plans

General Learning Objective Guidelines and Examples

Lesson Plans

Educator's Reference Desk - Write a Lesson Plan Guide

Honolulu Community College - Preparing a Lesson Plan

Teach-nology: Lesson Plan Maker

Teach-nology: What to Consider When Writing a Lesson Plan.

Communication Teacher (one volume online)