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COM 502 Methods of Teaching Communication
Fall, 10

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson









Unit Four: How do I know if learning has occurred?

Grading Philosophies

1. According to Reading 23: What is the problem with competitive (on the curve) grading?

2. Which of the four philosophies in the Florida State reading most closely fits your grading philosophy?

Grading philosophies, purposes etc. from Florida State University look over pp. 1 - 9 (181 - 190)

3. Which of the following will you choose to use? Why?

b. norm-referenced (grading on the curve) vs. criterion referenced?

c. straight points (i.e., 1000 points for the course) vs. weighted grades (i.e. final projects are 20% of your grade)

4. What do you feel should be considered when determining how a particular assignment should be graded?


1.Why use a rubric (for grading essay tests, essays, papers or other projects)?

2. How do you create one?

Help creating a rubric

Why use rubrics

Assessing your rubric (second page here)

Lots of rubrics!!! University of Wisconsin School of Education

Speech rubric

Table of Specifications (or Test Design Blueprint)

1. Visit a couple of the following websites, paying particular attention to the information on the table of specifications. Why is it important to create such a table before you create the assessment?

Basic Explanation from Kansas University

Steps of Test Creation - Alabama Department of Education

Multiple Choice Tests from Dr. Jacobsen Unviversity of Calgary


1. According to Readings 21 and 22: What are the problems with standardized tests? Why do you need to know this (after all, you are not planning to teach high school)? What is an authentic test?

2. For each type of assessment listed below, give an example of a situation where this would be an appropriate assessment to use.

Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

1. Explore a couple of the sites below and then choose one CAT that you could use in your lesson plan. Be prepared to explain what your choice is and why you chose it.


Brief article on CATs by Angelo and Cross (leading writers on CATs)

Explanation and examples of a few CATs from Penn State

Explanation and matrix of CATs from NTLF

CAT examples from Angelo and Cross

CATs for Technology

CATs from FLAG