Gender and Communication

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

Building Bridges Between the Sexes

through Understanding of our Differences and Similarities



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Chapter 5: Gender and Relationships

1. Do the media set up unrealistic expectations for relationships (p 185)? Why or why not?

2. How is getting to know someone different over the internet (p. 187)?

3. Describe the three methods of reducing uncertainty about someone else (pp. 192-193).

4. What is the difference between flirting and sexual harassment (p. 196)?

5. Why do people want someone who looks good but not too good (p. 190)?

6. Is the "order" of approach as described on page 197 (women make eye contact and then men physically approach) consistent with your experience?

7. On page 200 what is meant by: "We need to avoid using a feminine yardstick to measure intimacy or satisfaction with a relationship."?