Gender and Communication

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

Building Bridges Between the Sexes

through Understanding of our Differences and Similarities



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When reading Chapter 10 A "Class" Act:

Gender Communication in Educational Settings

By now, you should know what is important. So talk about something in the reading that you think is especially noteworthy, i.e., important, wrong, questionable, surprising. What is it? Why is it important to understanding gender and communication in the educational context?

Suggestions for mini-projects:

  1. What are the gender lessons being taught by either children's books or elementary textbooks?
    1. Might want to check out Texas textbooks
  2. What are the gender lessons being taught by high school textbooks?
  3. What are the gender lessons being taught by college textbooks?
  4. Is there sex disciminitation in how instructors (at any given level) treat students?
  5. Is there sex discrimination in how students (at any given level) treat instructors?
  6. Is there peer harassment at IPFW?
  7. Is IPFW equipped to deal with sexual harassment issues?