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Summer, 05

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Redesigning a Company

The computer company you work at has experienced rapid, large growth. Consequently the areas of responsibility and the channels of communication need to be reorganized. Some of the supervisory personnel could/should be retrained. Several people have overlapping job responsibilities. The people who design the hardware must make sure that it will accommodate the software, and the people who design the software must make sure that the hardware can accommodate the new packages. In addition, people in upper-division management are in charge of promotions, middle management supervises the day-to-day work, and personnel decides the amount of raise that everyone gets after personnel has read the performance appraisals of each employee. You need to redesign your organization so that your company will function more effectively.

Do this using the assigned organizational model. Justify your use of this particular organizational model for this organization but also discuss possible problems and/or weaknesses because of it. Place these people and departments in an appropriate part of an organizational communication chart.

During this activity, assign each member of the group a member of the company to role play. Try to determine how, given his/her position, this person would see the strengths and weaknesses of applying this particular organizational model to this company. Be sure you can answer these questions:

1. Which departments need upward, downward, and horizontal communication? who talks to whom? how formal/informal is the communication within the organization?

2. Who is responsible for whom?

3. What will the organizational chart look like?

4. Which coordination method will you use?

5. Create three company policies.

6. Create three "rules" for managers.

Each group will turn in one paper (2-4 pages) with chart and make a presentation (15-20 minutes) to the class which "sells" their model as a viable alternative for restructuring this organization.

Due: June 9

Grading: 100 points

Organizational Redesign: 75 points

Presentation: 25 points (5 points each)