COM 323 Business and Professional Communiction

Summer, 05

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

5:30-7:50 MTR


Office hours: 4-5:15 MTR

Phone: x16558

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Competitive Persuasive Speeches Schedule


June 20

Speaker One Speaker Two Panel
Sheila Kristi Jason, Amber, Dan
Eric Nas Melissa, Jessy, Mark
Brent Dustin Michele, Matt, Brandon
Heyde Jim Marc, Mitch, Jed
Evan Brad Melissa, Jessy, Mark
Mike Milo Jason, Amber, Marc
Jared S.    


June 21


Speaker One Speaker Two Panel
Jason Amber Sheila, Kristi, Eric
Brandon Dan Nas, Brent, Dustin
Jessy Mark Heyde, Jim, Evan
Michele Matt Brad, Mike S.., Milo
Marc Melissa Jared S., Sheila, Kristi
Mitch Jed Eric, Nas, Brent