COM 323 Business and Professional Communiction

Summer, 05

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

5:30-7:50 MTR


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Paired Competitive Presentations

In teams of two, you will choose alternative products, services, or ideas which you wish to present to the class. For this assignment you can choose your own audience (and we will oblige you). Prepare a 5-7 minute persuasive presentation. Groups of three members from the class will form a panel to ask questions and "judge" which product, service or idea is "best."

Grading criteria: content (information, logic of arguments, credibility of information, relevance to audience), persuasive ability, delivery (verbal and nonverbal), organization and transitions, introduction/conclusion. 100 points. Grading sheet.

Due: June 20 or 21

Grading criteria for panel: Oral response which reveals and supports your decision. Graded on coherence, support, and degree of critical ability reflected. 10 points each panel.