COM 323 Business and Professional Communiction

Summer, 05

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

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Questions to Guide Your Reading of Chapters 3 Interpersonal Relationships, 6 Overcoming Obstacles, and 4 Listening


Chapter 3

1. Why are strong interpersonal relationships important for business?

2. Are you a good interpersonal communicator? What makes you think so?

3. What can we do about the violation of our expectations about our work environment? Why does this matter?

4. Would you prefer an open, blind, hidden or closed boss? subordinate? why?

5. Determine one behavior you could/should change which would make your communication style more flexible.


Chapter 6

1. How can you cope with situational anxiety? trait anxiety?

2. What are the gender differences regarding perceptions of harassment?

3. What are some of your pet peeves when using communication technologies?


Chapter 4

1. Why is listening such an important skill (beyond getting accurate information)?

2. How can you overcome the bad listening habits discussed in this chapter?