COM 323 Business and Professional Communiction

Summer, 05

Dr. Marcia D. Dixson

5:30-7:50 MTR


Office hours: 4-5:15 MTR

Phone: x 16558

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  1. Students will understand the importance of specific communication skills and knowledge throughout their professional careers;
  2. Students will enhance the communication skills needed to obtain a job, i.e., resume creation and interviewing skills;
  3. Students will enhance the communication skills needed to keep a job, i.e., interpersonal skills, group skills, conflict skills, and diversity awareness;
  4. Students will enhance the communication skills needed to succeed in a job, i.e., leadership skills and presentations skills

Educational philosophy of your instructor.

I believe there is a lot of useful information for you to learn about communication in the business and professional environment. I also believe you best learn that information by applying and practicing it. Therefore, when chapters are assigned, I expect you to read and understand the material (or let me know) so that we can practice and apply it in the classroom. I do minimal lecturing and try to maximize your time to try out and enhance your communication skills. However, that time is wasted if you have not put in the time to prepare by learning about the skills before you come to class. Reading and understanding the material is your responsibility. Providing opportunities to apply it is mine.


Assignments: Papers are expected to be typed, double-spaced. Turn them in on time. Late assignments (papers, presentations etc.) (up to one class period) are subject to up to a 20% reduction of points (two letter grades). If you have a bona fide excuse (hospitalization, car accident etc.), talk to me.

Missed classes: If you cannot or do not attend class, get the notes from someone. Group presentation points can only obtained by being here and active. If you know you must miss class, talk to me and your group ahead of time. In case of emergency, call ASAP. Treat this like you would a job! Good work habits are an asset in many situations.

Grade complaint/question policy: Except in the case of error (I added wrong), all grades are final. I will be happy to discuss your grade, i.e., why you received it, how you can improve it the next time, etc. I won’t change it.


Hamilton, Cheryl. (2005). Communicating for Results: A Guide for Business and the Professions. 7th edition. Thomson/Wordsworth Publishing.


Grading Breakdown:

Assignments Percentage of Course Grade
Interview Project (includes resumes, job description, interview protocol, video tape, job decision, critique) 20
Redesigning a Company Project 15
Analysis of Leadership Paper 10
Self-analysis Paper 10
Paired Competitive Presentation 10
Final Test 20
Exercises in class and homework 15

Tentative Agenda

Unit One: Getting a Job


16: Introduction to the class; Chapter 1

17 Chapter 8: Discuss Interview Project: Link to web resumes

19 Chapters 5 and 7; Job descriptions due; Place analysis due

23 Interview Project Interviews (resumes and interview protocols due): Interview Schedule

24 Interview Project Interviews (resumes and interview protocols due): Interview Schedule

Unit Two: Keeping a Job

26 Chapter 2: Begin Redesigning Company Project; Interview Project decisions due

30 No class

31 Chapter 9: Short paper on teamwork; BRING A CALCULATOR!; Intervew Project critique due


2 Chapters 11 and 13: Teamwork paper due

6 Chapter 3 and 6: Methods of successfully collaborating

7 Chapter 4

9 Redesigning Company Presentations

Unit Three: Movin' on up!

13 Chapter 14: Decide on pairs of Competitive Paired Presentations; Analysis of persausive messages assignment

14 Chapter 10: Participation and Leadership; Meeting management

16 Leadership analysis

20 Paired Competitive Presentations Schedule: Leadership analysis due

21 Paired Competitive Presentations Schedule: Self-analysis due

23 Final Test


Useful On Campus Resources

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Writing Center: Can help you with general writing problems or specific assignments.

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