COM 310 Family Communication

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Unit Three

Chapter 7


RAT over Chapter 7


Choose one of the typologies:

Either bring in an example from a television show or movie or role play two examples from one of these couple/family types (i.e., if you choose Fitzpatrick's you might show/role play independents and separates). As always, you are welcome to do video alternatives for these.

Family analysis blog:

Add analysis of 1) how your family meets the role functions listed on page 151 (explained on pages 151-162). Also, add your analysis of your family according to: 2) Fitzpatrick's couple types (if you are single, please use your family of origin); 3) Gottman's conflict types (same here, p. 172); 4) Kantor and Lehr's family types (p. 174) - with explanations for your choices.

Suggestions for comments: Consider ways to meet role functions that you had not considered for your family and/or how applying a typology might help us discover things about our families that we had not considered.