COM 310 Family Communication

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Unit Six

Chapter 12

RAT over Chapters 12

Movie Analysis (be prepared to discuss these on Monday, April 16th - I will randomly ask groups to respond to one or two of these areas):

Analyze the functioning of each of these couples:


1. Given Bochner and Eisenberg's features of optimal family functioning, analyze a real or fictional family to determine 1) how optimal is their functioning? and 2) what advice might you offer for improvement?

2. Investigate the potential effects of the internet on family life: i.e., consider a family with a mix of digital natives, settlers, and/or immigrants OR consider a family with children who might or have experience cyberbullying or sexting - how concerned are parents about these issues? what do they do to try to prevent and/or cope with such experiences?

3. Explore the potential health benefits of being married? Why do husbands benefit more? Does this actually occur in families (i.e., talk with some married couples about their health related behaviors)?

4. Determine which of the three approaches: personal, instructional, or therapeutic, is likely to be most successful in improving family communication, in a specific family (real or fictional). Support your decision.

Blog Posting: Given the notion that the only person's behavior you can change and/or control is your own, talk about why it is worthwhile to know about optimal family functioning behaviors. What specific behavior could you change that might positively affect functioning in your family (of origin, in a relationship, in a "family" of friends)? What potential positive effects could that behavior change have?

Blog comment suggestion: Comment on whether you feel the potential change is likely to occur and what might affect that outcome.