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Unit Five

Chapters 10 and 11


RAT over Chapters 10 and 11

Paper: Analyzing the family stress in Gloria Steinem's Ruth's Song (Because she could not sing it). Read this article (available in Blackboard):

Using the Double ABC-X approach to analyzing family stress, analyze the stress to Gloria Steinem and her family of her mother's illness. Be thorough and support your ideas with specifics from the story.  How effective is this model in helping us understand the dynamics of stress on families? (2-4 pp., double-spaced, 1 inch margins, 12 point font). Due Monday, April 2.

Mini-Project: Choose one: These are bit different and allow you to do a mini-research project ( library research not required unless that's the approach you want to take):

1) What factors affect fathers' choices to take on childcare and/or housework responsibilities?

2) Why are men and women healthier if they marry? Is this always true?

3) What advice would you give to someone who is divorcing with children about how to communicate with his/her ex and children?

4) What advice would you give parents of adolescents?

Video alternative: Talk to someone who is an "expert" or has experienced the topic of your choice. Interview them on tape.

Blogs: Choose a minor or major stressor that your family has experienced and you are comfortable talking about.

    1. Analyze the individual, generational, and historical time of the affected members.
    2. Was this a vertical or horizontal stressor? Explain.
    3. Did you/your family experience any/all of the stages of family crises? Explain.
    4. Which, if any, of the coping strategies did you and/or your family use? Explain.

Blog Comments: As you read your family members' posts consider what you have learned about what it takes for a family to survive a stressful event.