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COM 310 Final

Advice Blog

Post to your blog by Friday, May 4th at 1:00 pm (the official final time for this class).

Three concepts from the text that you feel are crucial/central to healthy family functioning (using the definitions in Chapter 12). Write an advice blog which gives specific guidelines (how to) for healthy functioning, using these three concepts, to families with an explanation and support about why these are important and why your guidelines will work.

For each provide:

To support your reasoning, provide information from:

Be sure to cite these sources (i.e., provide URL/link/student names for webpages; page or chapter numbers from your text, and group name/date for research project.)

Be sure to write for the web with headings, bullet points, etc. (and pictures, links to websites, video etc. if they are appropriate:). This blog is more formal than previous blogs. Write well!

Grading Rubric for Final